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Casey Key

Real estate news and information about Casey Key Florida real estate.

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Casey Key Florida SunsetIf home sales in Casey Key are any indication, the market for Sarasota luxury homes appears to be moving in the right direction. In fact, a home sold earlier this month was sold with a price tag that is higher than any other home sale in Casey Key since November 2009.

On July 15, a 10,000-square-foot home situated on 1.65 acres on Casey Key was sold for $7.58 million. The home features 200 feet of Gulf of Mexico shoreline as well as an upstairs and downstairs master suite. Other features include a summer kitchen, an eight-car garage, a separate caretaker’s building and a disappearing edge swimming pool and spa. Not only was the home sold at the highest sale price since November 2009, but it is also the second-highest price to be paid for a home within

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You would never guess that the beautiful island of Casey Key, with its beautiful and elegant homes, famous lifestyle, wonderful beaches, and natural landscaping was once part of a wild region in the late 1840's. U.S. Army Captain John Charles Casey, a graduate of West Point, was sent by the U.S. Government in the mid-1800s to survey the area. Casey was also assigned the task of assisting in the removal of the Seminole Indians from the region during his survey.

The Key was called Chaise’s Key on the 1849 map, and John Casey’s name was on the map marking the area where he was surveying. When Casey’s map was published later in 1856, the name was changed to Casey Key. Since that mistake, several attempts have been made to change the name back to Chaise’s

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Casey Key Luxury Home

"Casey Key real estate" is searched on Google and other major search engines every day by buyers looking for a quiet, luxurious, private beach-front lifestyle. This exclusive island about 25 minutes south of Sarasota, Florida has no stop lights and very little traffic. You’ll see cyclists, walkers, birds, seagulls and pelicans along with some of South Florida’s most beautiful tropical foliage on this special Key.

Entertainers, movie stars, sports figures and authors frequently search for Casey Key real estate. These opulent buyers enjoy the privacy afforded on Casey Key and its close proximity to downtown Sarasota’s cultural venues. These buyers are usually shopping for an estate providing Gulf to Bay access.

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Casey Key homesLuxury homes have lagged in the comeback of Florida real estate, but as we noted in July and October 2009 market reports, Casey Key home sales are on the move. There’s a very nice selection of waterfront Casey Key homes available for sale. Buyers continue to surf and shop for homes that are well priced for the market. Sellers are working with offers and deals are being made. We’ve been showing small beach houses as well as much larger ranch style houses and luxurious waterfront estates. Activity is once again on the rise on this private tropical paradise.

The beauty and privacy of Casey Key are what draw the affluent, entertainers, movie stars and authors to this tropical island. Residents walk the beaches, explore the jetties, and are awed by the

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Sarasota Homes for Sale Update

From Palmer Ranch family neighborhoods, Sarasota golf course communities, and Sarasota’s barrier islands, Sarasota homes for sale are on the move. Many signs are pointing to Sarasota’s recovery, and Sarasota was recently one of the cities mentioned in an article by US News and World Report as being one of the nation’s most “undervalued cities.” With interest rates still very low, and an incredible selection of homes for sale in Sarasota, this could be your time to step into this market where the weather is wonderful year-round, the sky is blue and the sun is shinning. It’s Paradise.

Sarasota Real Estate Update - October 2009:

Siesta Key Homes:

  • Single Family Homes for sale: 207 
  • Least Expensive Home:
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Searching the Sarasota MLS for homes and condos? Our sophisticated Sarasota real estate search system provides you the opportunity to search by Sarasota neighborhoods, condominiums or you can search the area with our Map Search or MLS number.

We try to make searching for the Sarasota MLS easy, and our high powered real estate search engine leads you right to listing details, photos and virtual tour of homes and condos in Sarasota that meet your criteria. We also cover Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Lido Key and Casey Key.

Sarasota Neighborhood Search

First, if you need neighborhood suggestions, check out our extensive Sarasota neighborhoods section first where you'll find detailed information on many of Sarasota's most popular communities. If you

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The selection of Casey Key real estate is currently excellent. Buyers can choose from small beach cottages which need a redo, larger ranch style houses that can be updated or torn down and replaced as well as magnificent waterfront mansions behind bougainvillea draped gates.

Casey Key FLTropical Casey Key is the destination of the affluent, entertainers, movie stars and authors. These celebrities love the privacy and allure of this special place. Casey Key is an adventurer’s dream island. Explore the beaches, the jetties, the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Camera buffs also love the natural beauty of this tropical island with its lush foliage, wildlife and array of architectural styles.

Walk or a drive on Casey Key and see some of South West Florida's premier

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Warren Buffet is buying. Of course we are referring to stocks, not real estate. However, I could not help but think of the Sarasota real estate market when I read his recent quote about his investment strategy.

"A simple rule dictates my buying: Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.  And most certainly, fear is now widespread, gripping even seasoned investors." - Warren Buffet

It reminds me of the old saying - "The rich sell when everyone else is buying and buy when everyone is selling."

The real estate market will rebound eventually. Right now there are tremendous values out there. Financially strong buyers can take advantage of the housing turmoil. The keys to finding the best deal are patience and flexibility.

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An anoymous Russian billionaire contracted last month to purchase a spectacular French Villa for $750 million according to Fox News. Villa Léopolda is located in Cote d'Azur in the French Riviera. The estate requires 50 full time gardeners just to look after the grounds. The seller is Lily Safra, widow of billionaire Edmund Safra who was killed by an arsonist's fire in his Monaco apartment in 2003. The sale will shatter the previous record of $236 million paid for an home in London.

While Sarasota does not have any properties in the hundreds of millions, there are several spectacular estates currently listed for sale.

712 N Casey Key Road  - Located on Casey Key, this home stretches from the Gulf to the Bay and is listed for $18.5M.

3410 Flamingo

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